Wisdoms and The Modern Mind

Money, power, and woman are perhaps man best desires. Possessing one of them gave a man the most fascinating fantasy. The feeling is so gratifying till almost no man on earth could resist it. It is powered by man’s most basic of engine, greed. With it, a man loses himself and eventually surrenders its wisdom. In modern society, we can observe lots of these scenarios around our daily life. Cheating, scams, politics in work place, and engaging in indecent act to multiple women.

On the other hand, wisdom gave a man the ability to see thru the great wall of greed and beyond a normal eyes would do. It is a simple concept and yet not easy to attain it. Employing wisdom into our daily life is like revealing a Russian doll. There is another doll inside a doll. Wisdom allows a man to see the effect of an effect in another effect (butterfly effect).

As example in work place, a typical boss would squeeze an employee to his or her maximum strength and sometimes beyond it. A boss with wisdom would allow an employee to take a short nap after lunch so that he or she able to concentrate better on work. Tho, this may sound strange to some people. Every human has a soft point within the heart. A wise person will find out what and where is the soft point or what i call it the ‘dragon energy’ of a human. Once you get hold of it, he or she will be willingly to execute tasks from the heart and perhaps the best output. Social intelligence is a very good example of this.

Learn to gain wisdom. See things from a different perspective. And there shall be world peace that last forever.

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