Windows Live Mail Keeps Work Offline – Simple Solution

If you are using Windows Live Mail, you may encounter the following error message:

“You are currently working offline. Would you like to go online now?” Even though you keep clicking Yes, the pop-up will keep coming up.

Windows Live Mail Offline

So how to solve this? The solution is simple.

1) Open Internet Explorer browser.

2) From the menu bar, click File. (If menu is not shown, press “Alt” button on your keyboard)

3) Uncheck “Work offline” by clicking on it.

IE Work Offline

4) From Windows Live Mail, click Send/Receive button. If you are being asked to go online, click Yes.

Problem solved.

Additional information on showing menu bar –

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38 thoughts on “Windows Live Mail Keeps Work Offline – Simple Solution

  1. Jonathan

    Thanks also for this, it pointed me in the right direction – in our case, we don’t use internet explorer as the default browser but it looks like a new version was installed by windows update and it was in an offline state because it had not been started. Just opening the Internet Explorer fixed the problem.

    1. admin Post author

      If you are using Windows Live Mail as your email client for Gmail, then it work for it as well. You just need to uncheck “Work Offline” in Internet Explorer browser and it will fix the issue.

  2. Nagesj

    That works fine for users of IE briwser. In my case, I have Windows 7 and use Google chrome as my browser. Where do I find the Offline menu item please?

    Thanks for your help.

    1. admin Post author

      I use chrome and Windows 7 too. But this can be solve in IE browser only. Here’s the method to open IE:

      1) Press Windows start button.
      2) From the “Search programs and files” search box, type iexplore. The first result should be Internet Explorer.
      3) Open iexplore.exe.
      4) Follow the steps above.

  3. Denise

    This is so frustrating! My Internet Explorer looks different from the “old” picture in your directions. There is no “file” and when I click on the “tool” button (the little cog button), there is no “work offline” to click. Help!

    1. Maurits

      running a Google Search for anything creates the alert that windows is offline and is going online so you don’t even need to uncheck stuff.

  4. Lynne

    I don’t believe it! I’ve tried everything but this worked! Thank you, thank you, thank you, will you marry me?

  5. David B.

    Thanks so much! I never use IE, and it’s pretty sad that they didn’t design Live Mail “smart” enough to go online by itself without IE’s permission.

  6. Patrick

    Thank you! This was useful and worked the first time after much wasted time of trying to figure it out myself!

  7. Raljonde

    Brilliant! This was not the first time I’ve ‘gone off line’ but this was by far the easiest and simplest solution. Only about fifteen hours ‘off line’ instead of five days on the last occasion!!

  8. Bob H.

    Thank you for this. The Microsoft site implied that the File menu to use was part of Windows Live Mail. They never even mentioned Internet Explorer.

  9. Howard

    This works a treat, but the question is… why won’t Windows Live allow you to get back online without having to fire up Explorer? This is clearly a common bug – Windows Live not going back online is a pretty fundamental flaw!

  10. Halo572

    Thank you. Pressed it accidentally and this was the first google search result.

    Stupid problem quickly and easily solved.

  11. Mike H.

    Absolutely amazing. Just spent a very frustrating couple of days trying to fix the problem of not being able to send or receive email, even my ISP gave me a ridiculous answer to the problem. Can’t count how many times I checked the POP’s and SMTP’s and all related stuff. Just what had changed IE, that I don’t use anyway, I just can’t imagine. I assume WLM uses settings in IE. Many thanks for posting the problem solver, I can relax now, brilliant.

  12. Gerardo

    Muy bien dada la solucion de este estupido problema que siempre vuelve gracias a un programador de microsoft,los programas son buenos y no faltos de fallas.


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