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Natural Aura Represents Your True Mind

Every living entity in this world emits aura naturally. This form of aura is a kind of magnetic field or “Qi” that revolves around our body. It emits information about your mind and your inner personality.

If a person is a kind-hearted person, then this person will emit aura that makes people around him or her to be very relaxed, safe and comfortable. On the other hand, an evil minded person will emit threatening aura and makes people around him or her uncomfortable. Have you came across a situation whereby you feel instant attraction to a stranger that you just get to know. Or you feel fear and shivering to it. All of these are the result of your natural aura detector within yourself. This theory works regardless of appearance or clothing of a person.

Most people don’t really know its existence but naturally, everyone has the ability to feel it. It is a natural ability or instinct for every human being.

People living in modern city especially those with higher corporate position tends to hide their facial expression and emotion. They are good in acting and pretending to hide what are they thinking or any negative plans. Yes, they might be able to hide themselves but not for long. When people around him or her sensed that the facial expression and the aura emitted don’t match, it will only makes the fake-face more obvious.

To me as always, be sincere and appreciate things around you. With this, you will be emitting positive aura straight from your heart naturally. Make it as a norm and you will see a brighter and happier life.