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Smart Boss vs Stupid Boss

WTF! 8 months bonus! Holiday trips to renowned resort! Good company welfare and benefits may be your first triggering point during a discussion with your friends about your employment. You may start to realize how smart or how stupid your boss is. Bosses or employers are the company top managers and leaders who make decisions that are determining the fate of a company. However, not all bosses are great leaders.

Some may think that a boss throwing tantrum or anger with or without any reason to its employee is normal, purely just because they pay your salary. NO, it is not normal. In modern business world, throwing temper, threatening, provoking conflicts or even humiliating employee isn’t in the picture at all. Doing so is no different with injecting venom into the company slowly but deadly. Here’s the different between a smart boss and a stupid boss.

Stupid Boss Smart Boss
Creates fears to force employee to work. Inspires and motivates employee to strive the best.
Creates followers. Creates leaders.
Be quick, do faster! Try your best. I am confident that you are able to achieve it. I will be always around to support you.
Uses plain insincere and repeated keywords such as “thanks”, “thank you”, and “good job”. Express sincerely on how he appreciates the work of its employee and with physical rewards.
Employee == cost Employee == company most important assets
Uses vulgarity in conversation. Speaks politely.
Only productive employees are useful. Others are burden. Every employee is important to the company and every employee has its talent. The smart boss will be able to cultivate them.
Self-centred and self-absorbed. Respects employee’s needs.
Pay peanut but wanted the whole world. Money is not a problem. It is how much the employee can strive.
Squeeze you dry and let you die.
Mutual benefits. I help you, you help me.
Promises are just a game of words. Make good promises and always keep promises.
Scold first, blame later. Open communication to help change the way we see the problem first, in order to effectively solve it.
Red light strategy. Green countdown strategy.
Think he is the smartest and others are dumb. Keep learning to better one.
Like to work longer hours without efficient manner. Work longer hours can earn more? Work smart and deliver results within stipulated timeline effectively.
Employees want to kick the boss from behind when see him from the front. Every employee likes to work closely with the boss.
Likes to compare between employees in front of another. (This is a politically motivated and provoking conflict tactic). Respect every employee’s strength and weaknesses.
Utilizes corporate power to conduct frequent unproductive meetings beyond office hours with subordinates. Guide employees to strive and on decision making ability. Only conduct necessary meetings at a suitable time-interval.
Mixing personal emotion, purpose and private issues in work. Displaying professional ethics when making decisions. Clearly differentiating between private and work matters.
Vengeful against employees. Admit mistakes.
Practicing monarchy and authoritarian. Practicing democracy and meritocracy.

So which employer you wish to have? It is all within your own decision.